Vaping Vs Smoking

All the smokers are well-aware of the fact that smoking kills. But, their nicotine addiction prevents them to quit smoking. In fact, if you are serious to quit smoking, the withdrawal symptoms will not let you do so. Only a substitute for a cigarette can help you to quit smoking without facing the withdrawal symptoms. Vaping is considered to be that substitute.

The ex-smokers, who have recently switched to vaping, admitted that vaping gives them the same feeling of smoking. Now the question is, is vaping safe or it is as harmful as a cigarette? Several types of research prove that vaping is completely safe and it has no harmful chemical that is found in cigarettes. Below are discussed the advantages of vaping.

The health risk is minimized:

Though the research on the health risk of vaping is still going on, several types of research have already found that there are fewer health risks than cigarettes. Till date, there is no news of death due to vaping. But, we all know that every year, hundreds of smokers die due to smoking harmful chemicals contained in the cigarettes.

The social experience is improved:

In public places, smoking cigarette is banned because the smoke of cigarettes is dangerous for the non-smokers too. But, you can vape discretely even in the public place since it has no side effect on the passive vapers. Since the vaping devices just produce water vapor, there is no way to violate public life.

You save more money:

If you are a heavy smoker and if you smoke 1 pack of cigarette every day, it might cost you $210 to $360 per month. On the other hand, a vape device starter kit can cost you a maximum $100, and you can refill with new e-liquids and reuse it. That means you can save a great amount of money in a smarter way.

Vaping is not smoking. To the uninitiated, vaping involves using an electronic hookah or e-cigarettes to inhale the vapor that contains harmless substances and nicotine. E-cigarettes are not tobacco products. They don’t contain any tobacco or tar at all. However, they contain tobacco byproducts, mainly nicotine which is extracted from tobacco.

The term “e-cigarette” was invented in the initial days of vaping marketing. However, one thing is clear that vaping e-cigarette is far different from smoking regular tobacco filled cigarette.

E-hookahs or e-cigarettes have become a tobacco substitute to deliver nicotine. When you vape an e-hookah, you do not burn tobacco. Vaping is a much healthier alternative for those who crave nicotine. For a growing number of people, e-cigarettes have become a tool on which they rely on for moments when they feel intense nicotine cravings.

We all know smoking regular tobacco filled cigarettes is unhealthy and will eventually kill us. On the other hand, the e-cigarette is a great device that doesn’t impact our health at all.

There are various benefits associated with vaping electronic cigarettes over smoking tobacco:

  • You can choose from a variety of flavors
  • Vaping does not produce secondhand smoke
  • E-cigs are completely odorless
  • It Doesn’t stain your teeth like smoking tobacco
  • Vapor smell doesn’t cling to clothes and hair
  • Vaping causes no bad breath
  • They don’t contain harmful tobacco and other hidden ingredients
  • They will cost you less as compared to regular cigarette
  • E-hookahs leave no ash

Vaping beings an additional benefit in that one can choose the gauge or amounts of nicotine to smoke. In other words, e-cigarettes let users choose what level of nicotine they prefer. E-juices or e-liquids come with different concentrations of nicotine to suit different tastes and needs. one can go for their desired levels of nicotine from highest to lowest in the form of 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and zero levels of nicotine.

One taking zero means they are just consuming e-juice. This is good for individuals who are not smoking currently. for those who are currently trying to reduce their nicotine uptake the 12mg and 6mg package is the right choice. Heavy smokers will need the 24mg package to kick start their journey of quitting smoking.

Users who want to get rid of their nicotine intake can start with 18 or 24mg nicotine strength and then gradually move to 6mg or zero nicotine. By providing nicotine as an optional choice, e-hookahs present users with an advantage to tone down nicotine cravings and ultimately give up cigarette smoking completely.

Great e-liquid flavors, option to choose nicotine level and many health benefits make e-cigarettes a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. Most importantly, e-hookahs enable you to kick the tobacco filled cigarette smoking habit.

If you are a heavy smoker and struggling to quit smoking, switch to vaping today and enjoy all the advantages of vaping. Vaping is undoubtedly far better than smoking. You have a number of flavor options in the e-liquids. You can buy and enjoy the flavor that you love.

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