How To Choose The Right Time To Travel To Marrakech

the scenic landscape around marrakechMorocco is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, so there’s no wonder millions of tourists visit Marrakech, Casablanca, and Essaouira every year. If Marrakech is on your bucket list, you may want to know how to choose the right time for your trip. This article will help you do your travel planning for maximum efficiency and fun.

The first thing to look at when planning your trip to Marrakech is the weather. As summer months are sweltering, you should avoid them, if you want to make the most out of your journey. Most locals stay indoors during the day, and they go out at night when temperatures are much lower. If you want to visit many tourist objectives, you won’t be able to do it under the scorching heat of July or August, so you’d better avoid these months. If all that you want is to rest by the pool, sipping cocktails and reading books all day long, you can go whenever you can. However, going to Marrakech and not seeing it properly is nonsense, so you may as well go to the nearest five-star resort in your neighborhood. Although luxury accommodation (see: Wanderlust Voyages) is always a nice thing to have, it would be a shame to travel to such a beautiful country and not visit it properly.

If you are interested in local habits and celebrations, you may want to inform yourself on such events and schedule your visit during those periods of time. For instance, the Ramadan can be an excellent opportunity to see how locals celebrate it, how they gather together around their tables after the sunset, and how they manage to resist the urge to eat, drink or smoke during the day. If you prefer to avoid such holidays, be careful how you make your bookings.

The right time to travel to Marrakech also depends on the type of activities you want to experience during your trip. Desert safari adventures, for instance, aren’t possible during sandstorms. This means you shouldn’t choose your travel dates in a period when dust storms are frequent. Sandstorms may keep you inside the hotel even if you decide to spend all your time in Marrakech.

You can find lots of websites that publish weather forecasts and historical data so that you can plan your trip with excellent accuracy. Unexpected weather changes may occur, but the risk of having a miserable experience is very small, in case you plan your trip the right way.

view of the old jewish cemetary in marrakech

The cost of the flights is another factor that can profoundly influence your traveling dates. Ideally, you should aim at booking your flights as early as possible, to secure the best rates. Nonetheless, if you have to go on a concise notice, don’t forget to check all low-cost flights and various combinations of airlines, until you find the one that suits you best. If you don’t have a direct flight, you should perhaps use one of the flight search engines available, as they grant you the connections. When it comes to low-cost flights, delays are possible, so you risk to miss your connection and lose your money. By booking through an aggregator, you’ll need to pay a few extra dollars, but you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re going to be put on a flight to your destination no matter what.

If you pay attention to weather reports and you grab the best flights as soon as you find them, you’ll surely have an excellent trip. This is what smart travelers always do.

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