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Best Vape Mods for 2019, and Beyond

Vaping is a trend for smokers. With its amazing features, who would know that it still has a lot of things to offer? Vape mods are upgraded e-cigarettes. With its additional traits, it surely is a must try for experienced vapers. So here are seven best vape mods in 2019.


This vape mod is surely a great one for those who want long-lasting e-cigars. Made from Voopoo, a company that has quality and durable products, it’s recommended for electric smokers who want a long lasting one. Having a 4400 mAh, its battery lasts longer than smartphones! This is because they have the GENE. Fit chip for battery efficiency. Plus, it has a lot of versatile designs. Moreover, it has three different levels. FIT 1, FIT 2 and FIT 3 for light, medium and dense draws respectively. It averagely costs $54.


Next on the list is considered to be the best in temperature control and have lots of safety targets. That is why a lot of vapers, even beginners, try this product since it has an exact control in the vapor production that’s unbelievable. Furthermore, this vape mod has the most exact battery monitoring and avoids the battery from overcharging because of its built-in DNA 250C that assures the safety of the mod and the vaper. Not only that, it has a durable and quality foundation that’s great. $150 is the average price.


For those vapers who want the cheapest but high-quality vape mod, look no further. This mini box mod is probably the best value and has the best modifications. It even performs better than expensive ones, making it the cheapest and smallest one of its type. One of its other features as a single-battery mod, one must bring extra batteries always so that you’ll have non-stop vaping sessions. However, it drains the batteries really quickly. If taken care properly, it could last up to three or more years. Its average price is $37.


This 3-battery mod is good for those vapers who are lazy to charge the batteries. It has tremendous battery life that could last until two days before draining. However, even if it has an amazing battery modification, it is still budget friendly which is still the best buy if you ask me. Additionally, its temperature control is higher than the average ones. So its price doesn’t define its performance. It’s even compact and could easily be hidden in pockets and bags. Best vape mod in terms of price, performance, and three-battery trait. It costs roughly $50 worldwide.


Not only does it have a wattage mode feature, but it’s also a single battery squonk mod that’s great for vapers who want more punch. With its durable body, it has a tough characteristic that is sort of unbreakable. But let’s go back to the battery modification. It is a heavy e-cigar but has a clean and elegant structure. With its designated 21700 battery, its performance is powerful even it’s a tiny one. Another thing to consider is its 7ml-liquid capacity silicone squonk bottle which a big plus than other mods. The average price is $68.


Filling in your vape juice through the top of the squonk mod has never been better. Since it doesn’t require parts of the mod to be disassembled to put the liquid, it is considered to be the easiest and best refill vape. It’s also basic to use with not a lot of buttons so you won’t have to worry about not maximizing its potential. It also has unique and wonderful designs with eight colors that would add to the beautiful aesthetics of vaping. If you want to purchase one, ready an estimated amount of $70.


Let’s end this list with a bang. The smoant Battlestar is yet the cheapest squonk vape mod there is. Not only that, it has a great mod of having a dual battery for longer vaping time. Being a compact type, it has a lot of advanced traits that may take a few weeks to get used to. It’s also a high-performance device so don’t worry about the price. Its quality still speaks volumes. It also has precise temperature control which is a plus. The usual price is $50 on online selling websites.

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