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Best Vape Juice Flavors of 2019


If you are new to the world of vaping or maybe you are after another different flavor then you need to understand that there exist a wide range of vape flavor choices. Therefore, identifying a vape flavor that will effectively work for you may not be a simple task. To wade through this subject and identify some of the best vape flavors, we have surveyed different flavors. Therefore, here are some of the best vape juice flavors of 2019.

Please keep in mind that we have also verified that this is all high quality and safe vape juice. You can feel at ease while you are inhaling delicious vapor.


Prelude made from Black Note’ is a Virginia blend tobacco that boasts of soft and mellow taste alongside some sweetness touch. This, therefore, makes it the best vape for the fans of tobacco and the best juice for the vapers who have no taste for tobacco. Being a mixer which is naturally extracted, the flavor is authentically proven. It assures the most genuine taste although it is relatively expensive, given that a bottle measuring 30 ml goes at $29.

-The Castle’ Long Reserve

The castle reserve is extremely pretentious. It boasts of roasted almond, toasted coconut and two different kinds of vanilla. Everything about it is amazing as it produces a symphony flavor. It is described in an amazing way which pronounces it as being a fantastic’ juice for a normal treat. It is provided periodically, although one can get the standard version of the castle’ Long at a cost of $27.50 per bottle.

-Monkey Business From VaporFi

The collection reserve is changed from the run-of-mill’ juice into a mixer of a premium level. Monkey Business stands out as being the best flavor. The vape juice flavor perfectly blends with a creamy alongside a banana. This result in a flavor which is fairly simple although it is nicely executed with the balance directed to the cream. Well, it is a little bit heavy to serve as a day’s vape. But as a regular flavor, it is an amazing juice. A single’ bottle goes at a cost of $9.88.

-The Churros

The churro and nutty, milk infused with milk is made from the milkman. It is nicely blended with some cinnamon’ sugar to give a great measure. This has, therefore, compelled Churros to secure a spot as being one of the best vape flavors in 2019. It has proved to be a good flavor which is good on paper, and it gives a real impression even during the vaping period. For anybody in love with cinnamon and bakery flavor, he or she must try this great vape. It goes at a cost of $18 at a cost of 30 ml.

-The Hawk’ Sauce

The Hawk Sauce is a perfect blend of sour and sweet berries alongside menthol. This gives out an amazing vape flavor which is not likely to be tasty to everyone, although it’s a very unique e-juice. Hawk sauce vape has proved to be a great e-liquid because of its associated flavor combination. The menthol assures it a great cooling sensation on the complex berries mixture. This is one of the cheapest juice flavors as it goes at only $7.49.

The Honey and Milk From Cosmic’ Fog

This is a highly popular flavor product extracted from the Cosmic’ Fog. It is made by mixing the milk sweetened using milk and the mixture of the marshmallow in a more definite combination. The flavor might appear too sweet but it is the best taste. The sweetness is good enough to produce a delight puff, although you may not be able to vape for long. The sweetness component of the honey enhances avoidance of nasty, candy and synthetic taste. This, therefore, comes out as a natural and authentic sweetness. A great flavor it is!

The Andromeda Flavor

Andromeda flavor is made by space’ Jam. Generally, it comes with a wide range of juices. It has proved to be a great vape juice’ flavor because of its unique combination of the creamy base, alongside the blueberry and pomegranate. The cream is highly luscious and rich, although the amazing mixture of the tartness and sweetness that comes from the fruit is what makes andromeda flavor to stand out. You can secure a 30′ ml bottle at a cost of $21.95.


The vape juice is the heart of any vaping. It comes with great flavor adored by many. But identifying the right flavor that will enable you to take care of your juice is highly important. There are very few best vape flavors in 2019. Therefore, this detailed content should enable you to identify the best vape juice flavors of 2019.

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